The Live Fit to Feel Free

(Taking Your Health to Where it Actually Works with Your Life)



I’m Here to Personally Walk You Through the
Exact Game Plan My 
Clients Use to Transform their Health
and Create the Life they Deserve with Our Live Fit to Feel Free Academy…
Are You Ready?



Let’s talk about RESULTS for a second:


Every day,my clients are raving about their wins.

Their first 10+ pounds lost…

Dropping pounds of stubborn belly fat within weeks of starting…


Fitting into a pair of jeans they haven’t worn in years…


But most important, we’ve helped them to create balance in their bodies and lives!



In the past 12 months, we have helped more people

become stronger, leaner and feel younger than they have

ever experienced with other diet coaching programs out there.



The only question you need to ask yourself is, “Do I want to hit my weight loss goals in this year?”


If the answer is YES, then I’d love to share with you how we’re getting these kinds of results, and I’d like to share it with you NOW!


To learn more, join me for my free MASTERCLASS called:
The 5 STEP Strategy My Female Clients Use To Get Strong, Slim & Sexy After 40!




Here’s how it works…


Right Now, You’re Probably Stuck on One of These 3 Things…  



You feel overwhelmed putting kids’ needs and wants ahead of your own.  The children are overbooked and therefore you’ve overbooked yourself.  Overall, there are way too many commitments to other family endeavors and not enough time for self-care. What happens next?  Weight gain, anxiety, depression, decreased energy and constant exhaustion.




You feel overworked being a career woman.  Working long hours, it becomes increasingly difficult staying consistent with a diet and exercise plan that actually works.  You may not even ask for or seek support. Sporadic, unenthused workouts coupled with unhealthy, impulsive food choices become the norm.




You are trapped within both realities.  Whether it be a PTO meeting, being on the board of a local non-profit organization, or those long and draining staff meetings, you’ve stretched yourself thin trying to balance work and raising a family.  Despite such involvement, detachment from your inner being/intuition evolves into a feeling of disconnect.   


Which of those sounds more like YOU?


The good news is that whichever it is, I can show you a plan that will help break this vicious cycle…and we’ll do it together.


These are the kinds of results we get for our clients every single day. So if we can do it for them, why can’t we do it for you?



Here’s How to Get Our Help…


We’ve set aside some time to speak to you over the next few days.


We’ll get on the phone for about 45 minutes. On that call, we’ll lay out a plan to help you do ANY or ALL of the 3 things we mentioned above.


This plan is going to enable you to hit your health goals this year…look and feel your best…


…all while making a sustainable long-term change.


It’s a bold promise…


But after helping hundreds of clients become healthier than ever before, I feel very comfortable making it.


The plan we design together will be SIMPLE, CLEAR and CUSTOMIZED to fit your lifestyle.


Our systems works. And we know that if we work together, and you stay coachable, committed and consistent, there is NO limit to what you can achieve in your health.


This is NOT for Everybody.

 Here’s Who I Can Help:


I’m VERY selective about who I’ll speak with, and I have a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria that needs to be met in order for us to proceed:


  1. You need to be truly READY to make serious changes with your mindset, your body and your soul to get the OUTCOME you are looking for.




  1. You MUST be an action taker who follows directions. That means you’re coachable, committed and consistent.


That’s it – if you meet BOTH of those requirements, we’re good.


Here’s What I Want You to Do Next:


If you meet the criteria above, and you’d like to talk about getting into the best shape ever, then I’ll happily set aside some time for you.


Here’s what to do next:


Head over to https://KimDeMado/apply and you’ll see my calendar. Select an appointment time that works for you.


Then, you’ll be taken to our quick application form. It’s very fast and straightforward. I just need to know what you’re present health is, what your target health goals are, and what you want to accomplish.


That’s it! The session call will go about 45-60 minutes, and it will be the BEST time you have ever spent working on YOU and your health.


It’s physically impossible for me to work with more than a handful of people, so it is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED.


If you feel like this is the right opportunity for you, click here, leave your application, and let’s talk!

Talk soon,