6 Simple Ways to Update Your Child’s Bedroom

6 Simple Ways to Update Your Child’s Bedroom

Since this fall, when I started our bathroom remodel, I had no idea it would create a redesigned movement throughout our entire home. From the bathroom lead to the hallway and organizer closets and onto our son’s bedroom.


He turned eleven in October and I haven’t made any updates to his bedroom for the last five years. Overall, I was happy with the space as it was, but I always like to incorporate a few changes to keep a space feeling fresh, youthful, and growing with them.


The BEFORE Plaid & Sports Theme             DURING the Redesign with Rocky


Just like anything, when making a young boy’s bedroom update, you have to incorporate all of the things that make them happy, but in a way that still looks new and exciting for them.


Now, we are into spring and it was time to get an updated boys’ room for Jackson that fits his age and personality. As he has gotten older, his interests have changed. Before, we kind of stuck him into the wall colors that were there as a dining room and built a sports theme around it. 


Today, he is into space, star wars, and the planets. At first, I thought where do I begin? I know this can feel overwhelming and a huge task for some when starting from scratch. You know it doesn’t have to be! I’ve put together some simple ways to update your youth child’s bedroom to help you out! Let’s get started!



Changing the wall color or adding an accent wall in any room gives it a new vibe that sets the tone. If you want to update your child’s bedroom, considering the wall covering and the color is an ideal place to start. Giving the room an accent trim, freshly painted walls and one pop of paint can be inexpensive and relatively easy to do. Matching the bedding and or rugs is the best place to start to create your color palette.



When it comes to flooring, we have hardwood throughout and stuck with a neutral woven rug to keep it open and airy. There were some cute space rugs, however, I didn’t want to lock us in down the road if we make another update as he heads into high school.


Almost done with Remodel of New Space Theme



I started here, to get a theme and colors that we would be working with. Consider changing the bedding and curtains to something more modern that best suits the age of your son. If you have bedding that is not theme-like, you can save money avoid growing out of it and dress up with accessories that meet your child’s present likes and interests.



One of the easiest ways to update our son’s room was adding contrasting paint to his desk and side table to add that pop that is looking a bit tired. Then I added a fun space-like chair to his desk in navy. Sometimes something as simple as paint and a few pieces can make the world of difference to make everything look new. 


Designated Desk for our Astronaut to be



What’s behind the closet doors? Over time we collect and hoard items we don’t need. It was time to remove everything, fresh paint, and use the closet for only his needs. A great way to update your boy’s room is to throw out any items that you don’t need and no longer want and reorganize the items that you do want to keep. It also helps them have proper places to store their belongings.



Take a look at the space you have and consider if it is being used to get the best layout. In our case, we didn’t have a lot of options with all the windows and doorways. If possible look at moving the furniture around to create more room and consider removing items that aren’t needed. Opening up the available space is the perfect way to update a room and make it more useful and friendly to use. What simple ways can you begin to update your boy’s room?


AFTER Remodel with New Space Theme


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