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the Pillars of Body + Life Balance



MINDFULNESS with Laurel Holland


Laurel will guide you through the essence of transforming old drama into your path to Harvest Your Soul. She is passionate about creating ways for people to embody a courageous lifestyle that leads to personal fulfillment and a deep sense of inner peace. She has been coaching women for over 20 years – guiding them into their inner worlds.  Laurel helps her clients remove the blocks that hold them back so that they step into their inner power and consciously create the lives they desire. Her 30 years of personal development work, spiritual practice, mental health counseling and energy medicine training all inform the work she does with her clients. Laurel’s book, Courageous Woman, and her signature program, Live Your Inner Power, teach women the eight foundational practices that she believes are the main tools in creating transformation from the inside out. Laurel loves gardening, creating beautiful, sacred spaces and showing you the beauty that lives inside of your soul. To connect with Laurel about coaching, speaking, or mentoring, see www.liveyourinnerpower.com.



ABUNDANCE with Kris McCrea


Kris is on a mission to help people and businesses ignite their mojo and internal leadership capacity. As a coach, speaker and leadership mentor, she creates an environment for her clients to realize the possibilities and abundance available to them. Her clients are able to align with their values and generate the courage to take forward action to achieve their desired outcomes. She supports them in being able to truly live their one fabulous life today, not tomorrow! Kris is a mother of 2 grown children, a wife of 34 years and lover of the outdoors. She grew up on a farm in Aroostook County, Maine where she developed an undying work ethic and determination to overcome challenges. To work with Kris or book an upcoming speaking engagement, visit www.mccreacoaching.com today.


CREATIVITY with Jen Heilman


Jen will take you on a guided navigation to UNLEASH your dreams and AWAKEN your soul’s callings and you have the tools that are going to help you do it right at our event. Jen is a Llifestyle Mentor, an Intuitive Life Coach, a #1 Best Selling Author and a Feng Shui NINJA on a mission to help you create the life you crave.  She teaches women how to use their homes to move beyond their self-doubt into an empowered state of forward momentum. Clarity becomes clear and constant. Energy levels are rich and always on high. Inspired action is leading the way and personal growth and results are simply just expected. That’s what living a feng shui lifestyle creates…Pure Magic…Pure Happiness. To connect with Jen or schedule a call, see www.connectedgrowthcoaching.com 



SPIRITUALITY with Rachel Horton White


Rachel will uncover more about divine guides there to support you, such angels, spirit guide and ascended masters. Rachel is an intuitive life coach, spiritual teacher and writer, she works with people seeking to become their true selves using the power of thought, energy and higher guidance as part of the massive shift in our planet now. She remembers the day she came home from work, having little energy left for her two young children and feeling generally exhausted with life, and decided to make a change. Rachel started practicing meditation again, connecting with higher guidance (especially angels), and awakening her intuition. She now offers intuitive coaching, guided meditation/imagery, Akashic Records/Tarot readings and soon hypnotherapy. In Rachel’s ideal world, people are aligned with who they really are, listening to their own inner wisdom and sharing love with each other, with animals and with the planet for our collective healing and evolved consciousness. To learn more with Rachel or book a session, see www.soulfulworkconsulting.com


RELATIONSHIPS with Sindee Gozansky 


Sindee will help identify and change negative patterns in relationships, learn new  communication skills, and experience deeper emotional connection and support. She is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) and a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (CRC). As a therapist, she guides, challenges and helps each client on their unique journey to be their best self and live fully. Sindee has helped hundreds of couples and individuals create more successful relationships. Her passion for this work developed from her own experience of having loved, lost and grown through her marriages and come out the other side—now happily married but also good friends with her ex. Sindee knows through personal and professional experience that it is possible to transform your relationship!  She combines her systematic approach with accountability, support and coaching for lasting results. To contact Sindee or schedule a call, see Only Success Coaching.



ENERGY with Meg Haines


Meg will move you on a journey to embody your divine feminine power, bringing awareness to the patriarchal programming that has kept you from being who you truly are.  She is a spiritual teacher, healer, and creator of Divine Feminine Mastery. She has trained under world-respected teachers such as Doreen Virtue, Brian Weiss, John Holland, and Robert Holden, receiving certifications in Coaching, Angel Therapy™, Past Life Regression, Reiki I & II, and Integrated Energy Therapy™, among other healing modalities. Meg is also a trained dancer and performer, with a BA in Musical Theater from Emerson College. She is passionate about helping women deepen their connection with the Divine, honor their Soul’s calling, and heal the blocks preventing them from fully loving and living, so that they can shine and serve in the way they were always meant to!  To learn more with Meg, see www.meghaines.com


YOGA with Bethany McCorkle


Bethany is known to deliver a strong, balanced and accessible approach to the yoga practice enriched with specific but supportive functional alignment.  She has been a student of yoga circa 2004. Her 200-hr teacher training was completed with Jacqui Bonwell in 2011 and in June 2015, She completed an advanced 500-hr training with Ame Wren and Kevin Courtney through Boston Yoga School. Bethany continues to study yoga regularly with many gifted mentors along the Northeast Coast aiming to blend the best of the Vinyasa, Baptiste, Ashtanga and Iyengar systems into an eclectic flow practice. Her mission is to encourage students towards developing a sustainable practice that enables good posture, perspective, insight and well-being. To learn more with Bethany or take a class, see www.bethanymccorkle.com



Our Harvest Your Soul Retreat 2018 Non-Profit Partner

Every Mother Counts


*A portion of proceeds will go to benefit Every Mother Counts. 



Every Mother Counts’ mission is dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere. To educate the public about maternal health, engage individuals to advocate for the well-er.













(Subject to change for 2019) 


Saturday, November 17, 2018 

7:00-8:00 am     SUN RISING YOGA – Bethany McCorkle


8:15-9:15 am      DOORS OPEN for Registration & Coffee Social


9:30-12:30 pm   MORNING SESSIONS


INNER COMPASS: Harvest a Body + Life that’s YOU!Kim DeMado

Kim will unearth the keys to “Harvesting Your True Health” in order to live your passion and purpose with ease.

1) Explore what may be holding you back & realign yourself so that you can take action

2) Learn how to visually map out and plan what’s next for YOU and your future

3) Create a plan that matches your body + life goals that’s realistic


MINDFULNESS: Mindfully Cultivating Thoughts & Feelings Laurel Holland

Laurel will guide you through the essence of transforming old drama into your path to Harvest Your Soul and your authentic power.

1) Learn mindfully manage troubling emotions

2) Witness your mind so you can finally direct it

3) Align inwardly to access your inner power


RELATIONSHIPS: From Conflict to Connection – Sindee Gozansky

Sindee will help identify and change negative patterns in relationships, learn new communication skills, and experience deeper emotional connection and support.

1) Learn this key skill for successful communication

2) Understand these two fears to reduce conflict

3) Get practical tools you can use right away to improve connection


ENERGY: Embodying Your Divine Feminine Power Meg Haines

Meg will move you on a journey to embody your divine feminine power, bringing awareness to the patriarchal programming that has kept you from being who you truly are.

1) Understanding Masculine + Feminine energies and how they play out in our lives

2) Why the rise of the Divine Feminine is so essential at this time

3) Experiencing greater peace, passion and purpose through Her sacred invitations


12:30-1:30 pm  LUNCH BREAK


1:45-5:00 pm     AFTERNOON SESSIONS


HEALTH: Find your True Strength & Most Confident Self Kim DeMado

Kim is on a mission to help women grow and achieve both the inner + outer strength necessary to overcome any of life’s challenges.

1) Get clear about how you really want to look & feel with your body – and your life

2) Develop a strong mindset so it no longer keeps you from achieving your goals

3) Learn why proper techniques and progressions are key to reaching your true strength


CREATIVITY: Are you in the flow or are you swimming upstream? Discover how your home is revealing the answers -Jen Heilman

Jen will take you on a journey through your own home using the lens of Feng shui to reveal to you where you are unknowingly sabotaging your ability to experience success.

1. What success sabotaging theme is your home revealing?

2. What to look for and how to fix it.

3. How to create more ease and flow in your life.


ABUNDANCE: Shift Your Money Mindset From Scarcity to AbundanceKris McCrea

In your time together with Kris, you will have a conversation and dive into the meaning of abundance for you.

1. You’ll explore the impact your default habits and words may be having on your life.

2. Leaving the session with 2-3 tools to help support you in being able to expand and shift your mindset to be more abundant.


SPIRITUALITY: Develop Your Intuition & Connect with Higher GuidanceRachel Horton White

Rachel will uncover more about divine guides there to support you, such angels, spirit guide and ascended masters.

1) Learn about easy ways to develop your intuition and open your third eye chakra

2) Explore various forms of higher guidance and how to connect with them

3) Develop a plan to continue opening your intuition and communicating with Spirit


5:15-5:45 pm      CLOSING CIRCLE


6:00 pm               Social Hour & Cash Bar







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