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A Move More Feature with WMTW8


The American Heart Association says even as the weather gets cooler, getting outside and moving more can have a big impact on your physical and mental health. We went out with a fitness instructor who says it all starts by getting out the door.


Kim DeMado is a trainer with Triple Jump Fitness. She works with adults and kids and knows how to get the whole family moving. “Going for a family walk, heading to a park or even to some of our hiking trails and just exploring. There are tons of trails, park benches,” she said. She showed us a full-body workout using just a park bench in Back Cove.






Maine Real Estate Today


Fitness Trainer and trained Interior Designer Kim DeMado, shares her expertise on utilizing the space in your home for its best use. Don’t know where your gym should go? Tired of using your dining room table as your desk? Listen in!


In a two-part series, Cathy Manchester and Ruth Summers discuss the process of purchasing a home and the steps you need to take for success. Listen to sessions 3 & 4 for how to create home offices, play spaces, and home gyms…







The Love Yourself to Happiness

Podcast Show


Kim was featured on the ‘Love Yourself to Happiness’ Podcast Show. She spoke about how she believes that being healthy is more than just going to the next workout and counting every calorie. Health is made up of many pieces and if these pieces aren’t aligned, there are sure to be cracks and imbalances. Kim’s goal is to help women who don’t feel balanced create space for themselves and feel healthier in all aspects of their lives.





The Love Maine Radio Show


Dr Lisa is a doctor, writer, and mother of three, who lives on an island off the coast of Maine. As the wellness editor for Maine magazine and host of Love Maine Radio, she feels blessed every day to have a career (and a life) that she enjoys, interviewed Kim & Tim on her hit podcast, Love Maine Radio.


Kim & Tim spoke about their journey with fitness & family and how they developed their gym for families and whole body learning.  For the full show…








The Living Life with Linda Show


Kim was featured on the Living Life with Linda Show, as Personal Fitness Coach & Lifestyle Strategist, she talks about her mission to help women, especially over 40 that are Overworked, Over Committed & Overwhelmed to lose weight, reset their metabolism & energetically eliminate food cravings.


We’ll also talk about the awesome Harvest Your Soul event she is hosting in November 2019! For the full show








Portland Press Herald Feature Article


Kim was interviewed by the Portland Press Herald when they first opened their gym. “We wanted to find a place for our son and his friends to participate in a variety of structured fitness classes to gain social skills and self-esteem, but there really wasn’t anything out there (like we envisioned),” said Kim DeMado.


So in March 2012, the couple launched a business called Tumble Tikes Children’s Fitness Center, a developmental gymnastics, sports and wellness center in Portland for children of all ages.