Lessons From GiGi at 100 Years Old

Lessons From GiGi at 100 Years Old

We attended Tim’s Grandmother’s 100’th birthday in January and the inspiration was flying around like confetti!


I’ve only known Florence Meyer (aka Gigi) for 12 of her 100 years but I can say she is an amazing woman who has truly lived a full and abundant life through decades of positive change and choices.


Most of us resist this, BIG TIME, but one consistent thing in life is change. We cannot avoid it and the more we resist the change the tougher it gets.


When we don’t embrace it, change will inevitably ability to catch up with us at some point. There is no avoiding it because it will find you, challenge you, and force you to reconsider how you live your life.


Every. Single. Time.



Trust me when I say, “Making changes in your life by CHOICE is always easier than being forced.”


And this has me thinking about YOU.


We cannot always avoid the unexpected events or crisis’ that take place in our lives, because it is these events that challenge us and force us out of our comfort zones helping us build STRENGTH to EVOLVE.


It is our choice in how we respond to unpleasant challenges like poor health, toxic relationships or an unsatisfying work/life balance. (We talk about learning how to balance your Life ~ Body Balance in our video series.)


Our society looks at aging completely backward if you ask me. All too often, once you hit 50 or even 40, people start talking about “being over the hill.”


Ok… so… If we’re “over the hill,” we best be listening to Gigi, because she has been over that “hill” for 50 years is still climbing and reaching for more with positive choices and so much wisdom!


It’s no question, without our health those hills are going to get pretty rugged… maybe they are feeling rugged already.


Sometimes life is just plain hard, but other times it’s about the choices we are making and the changes we are resisting and ignoring. Maybe you’re creating excuses and making up stories about how or why the changes you desire can’t be made…


What I love most about Gigi is her ‘can do’ attitude, happy nature and her love of family. She has always made health her priority and has been gifted with a sound mind and amazing genetics. (I mean… look at her handsome grandson! 😉


When asked… “What is your secret to living a long life?”


She said,
“Eat your veggies, keep moving, respect people, trust and love one another!”




Simple words of wisdom from a woman who has lived an entire CENTURY!!


These are great lessons to live by.


When we find the courage to act on an opportunity to change, these positive effects can reshape our body & life. No question keeping a strong mindset and body takes hard work, commitment, and a positive outlook. I know this to be true from my own personal experiences. That’s what motivates me to keep leaping and living another 40+ years with a strong heart and body.


More of Gigi’s 100 thoughts to live by:

~ Set goals to achieve your dreams.
~ Do scary things.
~ Let go of your regrets.
~ Face your fears.
~ Keep strong and healthy.
~ Live in the moment.
~ The joy of learning.


We have a choice as to how we want to live our lives and FEEL in our bodies.


This is exactly why we are so excited to come together with like-minded individuals and help empower them to believe they can get STRONGER than they thought possible with all of our programs. Those happening in the gym and in our new Online Personal Training Platform, Core Fit Connection.


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