The Core Fit Connection




 You REALLY dislike the motivation it takes to exercise.


 You’ve tried to exercise but keep quitting after losing interest or not having a plan to follow.


 You have zero downtime for yourself– to read, reflect, take a nap, etc…let alone exercise.


 You can’t justify a gym membership because you don’t go consistently.







 You don’t know how to go about exercising effectively…i.e.types of exercises, technique, sets, reps, workout phases, etc.


 You want to exercise but kids and other family obligations come first.


 You can’t seem to stick with ONE workout plan with all the fitness gimmicks out there.


 You’re commitment long term would be more realistic if you had the guidance of a coach, but can’t afford a personal trainer.


 You’re NOT seeing any changes in your body.






You are not meant to suffer through endless cardio or starve yourself to get results.


The real key to continued success in the gym is through structured STRENGTH TRAINING.


…but not by jumping from one fitness trend to the next…


…instead you need a periodized training plan that’s progressive and systematic, personalized for you and one that can be followed at your own pace…the one true way to actually make PROGRESS.


You can make effective exercise a staple of your daily life; no different from brushing your teeth or washing your hair.




But your biggest obstacle to getting in shape and feeling energized is you are OVERLOADED with either kids, work or life and need the SUPPORT to adhere to your program from a qualified team who GET what it’s like to tackle a lot each day! 



We are here to help you. We are Kim & Tim DeMado, and we am here to make sure that you can live your best life, discovering how to be core fit and self-confident in your body. We have been in the fitness industry for over 40 years combined experience and have trained thousands of clients to attain a STRONGER body & life.


As a married couple, parents to their busy 9 year old son & successful business owners, it’s always a tough balancing act, yet Kim still continues to train competitively as a master runner and is mom of four. She combines the most energetic practices from her functional fitness, balanced nutrition and life’s wisdom to inspire others to create everlasting transformations in their bodies and lives.


Tim knows firsthand what it’s takes to building a stronger body & mindset, to guiding you through with his expert background as a certified personal trainer and performance coach, developing successful programs for clients for years. We connected our love of fitness and training to creating a program all about the everyday, overly busy YOU to having a customized plan to follow and support necessary to get the most out of a limited time you have to work out.


We get the struggle of trying to do it all. This is why we love to help men and women like you, realize you can do a program, getting to the core, to getting your most fit and have a connected community around you. Every person has the power to be the best version of oneself, and in order to discover it, you have to have that inner & outer strength to get there.






The Core-Fit online personal training methodology will meet you where you are right now…with full-body strength programs to master at your own level.



Effective exercises are all about proper movement patterns…take advantage of every set and rep with expert instruction to follow.


No matter where you are in this fitness journey, the Core-Fit Connection Personal Training Programs will change your body and your life.




















An online personal training program for men and women looking to create more vitality, purpose and self-confidence through professional support, accountability and community.





The Core-Fit Connection is the most accessible and economical way to work with us as we seek women and men driven to take their exercise journey to the next level.


We’ve PERSONALLY packaged our best techniques with over 40 years combined experience, training thousands of clients, to help you attain a STRONGER & HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE for every season…





Here’s how each month breaks down…


We’ve PERSONALLY packaged up all our best techniques with over 40 years combined experience, training thousands of clients to attain a STRONGER body & life every month:


  THE CORE-FIT WORKOUT LESSON PLANS:  You will follow customized 4-week training phases.  The first three weeks are linear periodization followed by an ‘active’ rest in week four, prior to beginning the next phase.  You CANNOT haphazardly train different volumes, loads and tempos and expect impressive results.  Our weekly workout templates will help you stay on track, record your progress, and celebrate the small successes along the way.


 MASTER CORE-FIT VIDEO TRAININGS:  To vary, enhance, and spice up what you’re already doing (think of your favorite fitness app, but with a personal touch:).  Join us to take a ‘hands-on’ approach to the workout plans you receive.  Having spent thousands of hours in the training trenches, we coach you every step of the way to MOVE with the best technique possible.


 OUR PRIVATE FACEGROUP COMMUNITY:  For additional support from Tim & Kim as well as other men and women looking to improve themselves.  Connect with our amazing community with weekly prompts.  You’ll be encouraged to share your questions and answers by uploading a quick weekly question, feedback, GIF or video to our Facebook page.  PLUS, you’ll learn even more by reading everyone else’s!  This is a great way to get connected to other members.


 MASTERCLASSES WITH GUEST EXPERTS:  This feature creates the ‘up close and personal’ touch to your fitness journey.  Listening to seasoned experts in the field will provide more clarity on various topics and address the struggles we all face (think of your favorite podcast interviews).



 MONTHLY Q & A:  Join Kim and Tim (your Core-Fit online personal trainers) to answer all your questions for optimal results.  This connection is invaluable.  Join us weekly with a group of like-minded Core-Fit members and exchange advice, encouragement, and support on your on-going fitness questions!  These live calls are moderated by Kim & Tim and they happen every month!


 LIVE MONTHLY MINDSET CALLS:  Do you ever feel the hardest part is getting started on this journey, whether it’s working out or eating right?  We’re all busy and it’s easy to put things off.  Deep down however, you know it needs to start NOW.  Here at Core-Fit Connections we support continuous momentum by providing monthly implementation calls.  Hop on a call with other Core-Fit members and our coaches for an amazingly fun and interactive hour to get FOCUSED again!


 QUARTERLY MINI-MINDSET CHALLENGES:  This is for those of you that want to really tap into your inner athlete with a competitive spirit.  Dive into a brand new mindset challenge every quarter.  Connect with other members about the challenge on live video calls and receive a handout to take on the Core-Fit mindset challenge together!




Before we go any further, Core-Fit Connection is NOT for you if…



 You require in-person 1:1 support all the time.


 You believe the only way to lose weight or gain strength is by getting on a treadmill or stair- master and do steady-state training for 45 minutes.


 You aren’t willing to put in the work and make a conscious committment to yourself and DON’T accept this as a long-term journey to fitness success.


 You are close-minded about nutrition and exercise and you are expecting instant gratification or some type of magic pill.


 You DON’T thrive in a group coaching environment, motivated by the support of those around you on the same fitness quest.





Core-Fit Connection IS the right choice if you’re willing to be:








 More in touch with the athlete within (hint: we all have one, sometimes we just need to find them again).


 Held accountable and done with all the excuses holding you back.


 Open to training techniques that may go against what you’ve always believed or been told; but when applied with discipline and determination WILL give you the results you’re looking for.




This is a connected system of moving your body.  We promise it isn’t about becoming a body builder or ultra marathoner.


This program is about the everyday, overly busy YOU having a customized plan to follow and the support necessary to get the most out of the limited time you have to work out.


We want you standing taller and stronger with better posture, rocking that life/body balance that allows you to look + feel your best…and YES, even YOUNGER!  It’s all about developing a lifestyle that is healthy, sustainable & filled with conscious choices lasting a lifetime.




We invite you to the Core-Fit Connection…


The Core-Fit Connection  methodology equips you with the tools necessary to feel progress from the very first training phase you embark on.  To achieve complete wellness the Core 4 Pillars are the blocks to creating a sustainable life-body balance.  They are: Noursh – Movement – Regeneration – Mindset.  


Maybe your regular fitness routine needs a recharge…


…or you maybe you don’t even know what a ‘regular fitness routine’ looks like during this season of your life, but intrigued by the thought…


…perhaps you’re cross-training for competitive results and looking to gain added speed and precision.


This is the beauty of Core-Fit Connection; regardless of where you are, our methods will maximize your time spent in the gym.


Plus you’ll have the on-going support of coaches (without judgment) with years of experience in the trenches to walk, jog and eventually sprint your way towards a stronger, more confident YOU!



You’re worth it! 



If you’re ready to step into the BEST VERSION OF YOU, then don’t wait another minute.  It’s time to take action to do it a better and more sustainable way — with support and accountability.




The CORE Membership (three months) is valued at $500! Hurry & SAVE with Early Bird rate TODAY for only $397! 


The PRIME VIP Membership (three months) is valued at $800! Hurry & SAVE TODAY for only $597! 


This includes all of the CORE membership benefits PLUS:

A One-on-one Coaching Call
Our Custom Core Fit Connection Tracking Binder
2 Activation Exercise Bands
A 7-Day Core Fit Meal Plan




Come to Core Fit Connection. The entire first week, we walk you through a process of getting clearly on WHAT your health goals are, WHY you want to achieve these goals, and HOW you going to do it! We’ll help you develop a strategy to get there, maintain and keep you on track for your lifestyle, and then we’ll go right to work helping you get it.


We’re 100% confident we can get you where you want to go if you are consistent & adhere to the program.


Here is a general timeline of how the membership is laid out.  You can move more quickly if you want to, but you must DO THE WORK!  We break the strength portion into 4 week training phases and the content into 2 week sessions so everyone can keep up and do on their own with ample time between.


Get Strong. Live Fit. Feel Connected.

In each 3 month Seasonal Training Phase, you’ll learn:






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