90 Day Transformation

Are you on the hamster wheel of life and
forget to put yourself first?




What would it feel like to…


– Maintain a balanced attitude and appetite throughout your day while building strength in your life?


– Feel more confident with your body and fit into clothes you thought you never would be able to again?


– Have more renewed energy to truly enjoy time with your family and doing the things you always enjoy?



I want you to know that this can happen & you don’t have to do it on your own…







The Live Fit to Feel Free Accelerator is a 90 Day Transformation Program for Busy Woman


Are you ready?

We can get started now!




Not sure? Maybe this sounds like you…



Personalized Coaching with mentor-ship & a PROVEN step-by-step system you need to lose up to 15 lbs, gain strength inside and out, stay lean & develop more balance in your life.

  • Do you feel like a woman, you want to get off the diet roller coaster and love food again?


  • Do you keep telling yourself you will be healthier starting next Monday, or next month, or next year?


  • Are you waiting for just the right time and circumstances before you commit to a healthier lifestyle?


  • Do you want to say “no” to endless cardio sessions and calorie cuts?


  • Do you feel lost AND tired of being sick and tired with “what keeps happening” with your health?


  • DO want to slim down, strengthen & build a tight, lean physique, and start to love your body (and your life) again?


  • Do you feel there’s so much misinformation and systems not created specifically for us, the 40+ women?



If you said yes to one, or all of those questions…


Guess what?


The best part of it is…You are not in this alone.  



I’ve got you!



Overwhelmed with everything and looking for ways to increase a healthy lifestyle.toning.

If not now, when will you?

I know how you feel, overwhelmed by all the choices that the internet has to offer (coaches, courses, programs) there’s too much to sift through,



When I was in my 20’s & 30’s raising kids, I was teaching a ton of aerobic classes, running marathons and doing triathlons, you’d think I would be skinny and not on any real food plan, going at it alone. That was not the case at all. I tried to piece meal all the workouts and diets from You tube, Facebook, Pinterest etc… news feed.



I continued to grab fitness magazines, try this diet and that and OD on information overload with over training. By the time I was 40, my body was so confused of what health was, I didn’t know how to take action in my health because I didn’t know what was truly right for my BODY.

And, every day I hear from women like you, who are completely drained. Women who feel like they’re always “putting out fires” and putting themselves last. An email from someone who simply doesn’t have the motivation to make – let alone stick – to an exercise or diet plan.


I totally get it, I’ve been there too. The truth is, it’s not hard to create lasting change without spending hours at the gym or giving up carbs.

I will push you, educate, motivate and inspire you while giving you the tools and strategies you need to gain the results you desire for more balance in your health and life.



Get ready to take that leap!


Over twelve extraordinary weeks, we will walk through the content of this exclusive program, plus you’ll get individualized support on our three (3) mastermind calls throughout our time together and six (6) bi-monthly group calls. There are only 10 spots available for this round and is first come first serve only for those ready to truly commit & take massive action!





Curious how The Accelerator Boot Camp can help? Keep reading…



Wouldn’t be great?


  • To stop having to self-work out endless hours and feel ongoing confusion and overwhelm at the sheer volume of stuff you have to learn?


  • To feel like time is working with you…that you have enough hours in the day to GSD (get sh*t done!)?


  • To be able to have a REAL that game plan that tracks your every move instead of going to the gym walking around without a clue why you are doing what you are doing or scrolling endlessly on social media?


  • To have a coach you can bounce questions, ideas, and action plans off of in real-time on a daily basis?


  • To have a community of like-minded healthy women who are going through the process with you (and knowing you have a cheering team to support you)?


  • To have a Monthly Coaching Q&A where you will get time in the hot seat so you can keep the momentum of building your healthy body and life?



The Live Fit to Feel Strong Accelerator Boot Camp is the answer to what I know you need as a hard-working boss lady or mama: a safe space to build more strength, confidence, and vitality while achieving the results that change your life & body (…and your mindset!)



Together we will learn to,
  • RESET your mindset and release the old food and fitness stories you have told yourself.
  • SET UP and strengthen your metabolism for LIFE! 
  • BUILD your body and boost your metabolism while properly utilize the power of macro’s (protein, carbs, and fats).
  • GET OFF the Diet Roller Coaster once and for all, so you can stop the endless searching and confusion that the diet mentality breeds.
  • STRENGTHEN and tone your body with a customized program built for the woman (and say NO to endless cardio)!
  • LEARN to love – not fear – your food again. Learn to eat with ease and freedom! No more counting, weighing, formulas, or apps!


Throughout this 90-Day Boot Camp, we will…
  • IDENTIFY your health habits for a sustainable lifestyle.
  • DISCOVER how they work FOR you, not against you.
  • CREATE your positive and healthy relationship with your body and state of mind.
  • SUPPORT activities to fast-track your wellness journey and healthy routines.
  • TRANSFORM your thoughts and words to guide you on your renewed wellness path.
  • BUILD a solid foundation of your health, including your body, mind, and soul full goals.
  • DEVELOP strategies to build your health mindset.
  • UNCOVER tools to use in your every day.



Are you ready to stop making all the excuses and put yourself first?



What’s included,
  • Three (3) private 1:1 coaching sessions with Kim ($1,200 value)
  • Three (3) guest experts training monthly ($900 value)
  • Two (2) weekly custom strength training programs to help you step closer to your fitness freedom ($800 value)
  • Two (2) live zoom group coaching sessions per month to work together collectively on your journey ($2,000 value)
  • Voxer support weekly with any of your fitness & diet questions that come up ($600 value)
  • Your very own Monthly Tracking Worksheet ($500 value)
  • Private Facebook Group for 24/7 support with like-minded women to lean on (priceless!)


What will we discover,

Weeks 1-4:  Get Crystal Clear with Certainty

  • Get to your BIG Vision of your Body & Life Dreams you Desire.
  • Letting go of the Past, Recognize the Present, and Set out to Establish your Future Goals.
  • Measure Up, Come Clean and Step Up into Absolute Certainty.  


Weeks 5-8:  Commit & Consistent Coaching with Confidence

  • Get Committed to a Healthy Lifestyle from the Inside out.
  • Develop Healthy Routines and Build Momentum.
  • Cleanse to a Stronger Body and Support a Lifestyle to a Healthier YOU!


Weeks 9-12:  Connection + Self Care for Life

  • Master Your Personal Strength Programming from Foundation to Peak Phase.
  • Create Self Care for YOU each day for a More Productive and Energized Life.
  • Discover your Next Level Goals and Growth.


Added bonuses!
  • A 10-Day Rev Up to Reset Nutrition Package
  • Daily access to our private Facebook group online HIIT & Core Fit Workouts
  • A Body Weight routine for travel or on vacation to stay strong even way from home/gym.
  • Signature workout tools




Hi, I’m Kim



I created this program because I know everyone has their hill to climb and each woman’s transformation is worthy of individualized powerful coaching and encouragement.


My passion is to help women like you to live fit and feel strong so they can start living a more vitalizing life on their own ability, mindset, and strength.


I am a motivator, a fitness coach + a trusted mentor that goes ALL in. That knows your desires, sees your goals, and inspires you to build a solid foundation for your health and life that builds commitment & confidence.



Ask yourself the question…


“If I keep doing what I am doing today, what will my body + life look like
6-12 months from now, will I be healthy & happy?”



It’s time to re-evaluate the life path that you are on, re-align
with your goals and go for what you truly want…



What others are saying…




I want you to know that you do not have to continue the internal battle around balancing time, struggling with body image, and putting yourselves last in order to create the body and life you are aspiring to have. Come join the circle of other like-minded women ready to be empowered and take back control of their health.


Take the leap!




Enrollment is Open for Fall & SAVE $700!




*Consult Call available to learn more.  Payment plans are offered. Start today from $697