About Kim




Tell me…


When was the last time you focused on YOU and your made your health a priority?


I want to help you make this possible!


I’m a Personal Fitness Coach and Home Feng Shui Designer who combines the most energetic practices from functional fitness, balanced nutrition, and life’s wisdom to help women like you create everlasting transformations in their health and home to take back control of their life.


I’m on a mission to help women navigate the challenges of blending family, fitness, and work to invest in the well-being of you and your family. To create their most healthy and fulfilling life ever.


To experience more freedom to abandon the internal battle around balancing time to live more fit and feel free of their struggle with body image so they can start living a more vitalizing life ever on their own ability and strength.




So, you’re a busy woman with a very active family who runs here, there, and everywhere and/or have a challenging career where you work a ton of hours but want to have it all: vibrant energy, a healthy, strong, and slender body, a passionate and loving relationship, a career you love, and a life full of adventure.


You get what you “should be doing” to be healthier. You’re ready to do whatever it takes to free up all the mental energy you spend worrying about how to live fit to feel free of excess weight so you can finally get on with your LIFE.




My Story…


I’m a wellness coach, personal trainer, and interior designer residing in beautiful coastal Maine with my husband, Tim, and our wonderful son, Jackson, and lab-doodle Rocky.


I believe that being healthy is more than just going to the next workout and counting every calorie.


Our health is made up of many pieces and if these pieces aren’t aligned, there are sure to be cracks and imbalances.


My goal is to help women who don’t feel balanced create space for themselves and feel healthier in all aspects of their lives.




Health and fitness have always been there for me.



As I grew up in Vermont, gymnastics was a pivotal part of my life. It was me being a part of my body. I felt centered and balanced. I felt strong.


After an exciting stint in the pageant world winning the title of Miss Vermont-onto Miss America, I got married and had three babies all within a few short years after college. Fitness became a big part of my life again and I did everything from competing at a national level in competitive fitness to completing 25 marathons and triathlons and became a 2-time Ironman finisher. I felt ignited.


You know that saying, “When are you going to be happy with what you’re doing?”


People would ask me this question, but I never thought about being unhappy – I was goal-oriented. I always yearned to grow and be the best I possibly could be.


Then I went through a pretty traumatic divorce. It was one of the hardest things I had to do. I was on my own after 20+ years of marriage.


Leaving your job, your husband, your town, your friends, these are all difficult things, but you have to make a decision and love that decision.


I knew in my heart I couldn’t stay where I was. My purpose was out there.


And when I took that leap, fitness was there for me again.


I ran to keep my mind off the divorce and ended up meeting my husband, Tim, that way. He shared my passion and love of the fitness industry and the two of us combined our strengths to launch our thriving business. In the first year, we got married, had a son, and started a business. We’ve been together for over 10 years.


Now, I’m a fitness expert, entrepreneur, wife, teacher, performer, and coach. I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 20 years.


I’ve taken my years of experience to create comprehensive programs for women.


I’ve been through the hard – two marriages – running a family and work – being told I’d never run again. And with as many years, sessions, and clients I’ve worked with, I realized that it’s not just about gym time, the miles you run, the push-ups you do, or the food you eat.


It’s the whole picture.


Exercise is important. Your sleep and diet are important.


And the way you think about yourself is important.


Finding time for yourself is a gift to your children, your partner, friends, and clients.


Join me in a journey of growth.


Leave the excuses.


It’s time. Let’s do this and Live Fit to Feel Free!



I’m looking forward to this amazing journey with you,