9 Most Common Signs of a Binge Eating Disorder to Watch Out For

9 Most Common Signs of a Binge Eating Disorder to Watch Out For

Well, it happened again.


In a session with one of my clients last week, she shared this story with me…in a moment of chaos, feeling distressed and overwhelmed, she realized too late she had polished off all the pizza leftovers, an entire family size bag of chips, a half-full package of Oreos, and a whole pint of Chubby Hubby ice cream in a single sitting.


After it was over, she said she felt like she had been in a dream. She had no idea how on earth she let it happen again and she felt absolutely crappy about it. Overstuffed and bloated, ashamed, guilty, disgusted, embarrassed, hating herself and thankful no one had been around to see it happen.


Another episode of binge eating. This is not the first time I’ve heard a story like this one.


This is a very real problem for nearly 3 million men and women in the US and is the most common eating disorder in this country. Binge Eating Disorder was finally recognized as a real diagnosis in 2013. The good news is, it’s treatable.


What is Binge Eating?

Some people think binge eating is when you eat excessively and then force yourself to get rid of the food by purging. This is binge eating at its worst, and is called bulimia.


But many people have issues with binge eating that don’t go that far. Binge eaters can consume between 5,000-15,000 calories in one episode, with some eating less and some eating even more. Diagnosed binge eaters do this fairly often, with episodes occurring at least once a week, and lasting more than 3 months.


The most common feature among binge eaters is that during the bingeing episode, they feel a complete loss of control over what they’re eating and how much of it, frequently eating foods until they’re completely gone.


It’s important to understand not everyone who overeats is a binge eater. Some people just eat too much, either from over sized portions, or from emotional eating, out of boredom, frustration, depression or anxiety instead of only when they’re actually hungry.


You don’t have to be overweight to suffer from BED. And it’s still considered binge eating, even if the food is healthy. Binge eating is more than just eating the food, it develops into an obsession about it and is characterized by the emotions during and after.


Signs of Binge Eating

If you worry that you or someone close to you may be a binge eater, here are a few signs you can look for:


  1. Seems uncomfortable eating around others or in public

  2. Large amounts of food disappearing in a short period of time

  3. Stealing or hoarding food

  4. Large amounts of empty wrappers or containers, indicating a lot of food was consumed

  5. Extreme concern with body weight, shape and flaws in appearance

  6. No longer showing normal eating patterns, skipping meals, fasting, creating food rituals

  7. Withdrawing from family, friends and favorite activities

  8. Difficulty concentrating

  9. Stomach and digestive issues


How Can Binge Eating be Treated?


Like my client’s case, binge eating is so tangled up in emotions, and mostly negative ones, those emotions need to be addressed, along with any other emotional issues you may be experiencing, like depression or extreme anxiety. Getting help in these areas may help you regain control over your eating decisions.


It may also be helpful to surround yourself with a support group. This doesn’t have to be a group of binge eaters, but rather a group of people who are also striving to become the best they can be. This is exactly what you’ll find in my community Facebook group, The Healthy Heroine Tribe.


They can encourage and support you as your work through any issues you may have with body image and your relationship with food.


Just keep in mind that nothing changes…until something changes.


If you’re ready…really ready…to make some significant, positive changes in your life, let’s talk. I want this for you so badly. But I can’t it want it for you more than you want it for yourself.

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