6 Mistakes Not to Make When Remodeling a Bathroom

6 Mistakes Not to Make When Remodeling a Bathroom

This fall we started our bathroom remodel knowing it will add value to our home, but it also was a bit of a challenge. You ask why? General contracting your projects can lead to making missteps and headaches down the road.


The biggest challenge was not so much picking out all the materials needed but coordinating all the contractors. Timing is always tricky and when working in a small space they can not all come in the same day to work. 


Have you wanted to tackle your bathroom with a new renovation? I’d like to caution you with a few mistakes you need to avoid if you want the process to go as smoothly as possible. 



This is a BEFORE picture of our bathroom remodel.



1. Don’t Forget Proper Ventilation

First, do you have a window in your bathroom? Then second, what do you have for ventilation? These are key to stopping mold and insufficient aeration could lead to mildew or persistent odors. It’s important to include an exhaust fan in the plans and budget accordingly. Fortunately, we had both in this remodel and only had to upgrade to a newer window with 2 pains and easy cleaning.


2. Should You Take Out the Bathtub

This was quite a project and took close to a day to remove our cast iron tub. However, it is important to have at least 1 tub in your home for resale. Luckily we have one upstairs. In this reno, I wanted to open up the small area with a walk-in and glass for more space. 


This is DURING as we gutted to the studs and subflooring


3. Tile Installation Can Be Costly

I know there are plenty of YouTube videos on tiling but this was one project I didn’t want to tackle and worry about water seeping into our floor and walls. A subpar DIY tiling job could lead to major leakage. This was the most costly part of the reno but so worth the headaches that could have come from doing it myself.


4. Making Sure To Have Storage Space

Sometimes you do not have space for a full cabinet so, I added a sturdy basket under the smaller pedestal sink for easy access to towels. Storage and shelving are sometimes overlooked in favor of design. We removed the old mirror above the sink that was a medicine cabinet. They are great for easy storage but I was looking for a more design look this time. We then removed the old bifold door to the linen closet to open up space. Shelves and baskets were added for organization and easy access. The vintage sink has space also for the soap and toothbrush holders.


Final project AFTER 4 months and so happy!!


5. Selecting Durable Flooring

Yes, tile comes in many sizes and designs. Look at the style you are looking to achieve. In this small bath, I focused on a vintage feel. Our home was built in the 1040s. Key factors in selecting your flooring are cost, is it going to be cold, slippery, and tough to maintain. Other options out there are wood, marble, stone, and even cork.  


6. Don’t Forget Lighting and Outlets

The one thing we have been missing the most was a GFI outlet and proper lighting. Think about how you are going to use the room and what you need to accommodate electric toothbrushes, hairdryers, curling irons, night lights, and more. Wall lights are not only effective for grooming, they can also be very decorative like wall sconces. 


Thanks for stopping by to check out my latest remodel project.


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Wishing You much health, happiness and an inspired home!



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