5 Ways to Refresh An Old Outdated Closet + Feel Renewed!

5 Ways to Refresh An Old Outdated Closet + Feel Renewed!

When I am not running or at the gym working out, you can find me at home on the next remodeling project. Now that we have our bathroom completely remodeled, I found myself moving into the next project. Having an old house often means updating or renewing projects that just didn’t get done right the first time.


Just outside our first-floor bathroom is this small awkward hall with 4 doors, open space, a closet, and a built-in shelf unit. The plan is to get to all the trim and walls with a fresh coat of paint. In doing so, I could not believe the ‘catch all’ broom closet had never been done in years if ever.  


Have you lived in your house for a while and just not notice things? This closet had no shelves, not sure when it was last cleaned or painted. But along the way, I found some good tips to consider than getting into a closet refresh. These 5 steps helped me make the most out of a small area. 


This is a BEFORE picture of hall broom closet emptied out.



1. Know Exactly How You Plan to Use the Closet

There’s a good chance that your narrow closet has turned into a catch-all and hide behind the door like mine was. Half the time I could not find the light bulbs or extension cords often pilled up under the dog food.  Do you need height for brooms or vacuum? Consider everything you may need or want.


2. Time to Declutter and Remove the Unwanted Items

Now that you’ve decided what belongs, it’s time to declutter your closet and remove everything that doesn’t belong.  Take everything out of the closet, and start grouping like items together. Throw away things you don’t use and find any items around the home that are below in this closet.


DURING the Refresh. Selecting Bins or Baskets + Labels


3. Select Closets Organizers That Fit  + Functional

Do you already have shelves installed? I went to Lowes and found finished wood planks and had cut to a size that was easy to install on side holders. But you can have closet units installed. Measure your shelves, and search for bins, baskets that will fit.


4. Label Your Bins for Easy Organization

Staying organized is one of the biggest challenges many people face.   We are all busy and on the go constantly which makes it hard to stay organized.  While it’s hard to get organized, you don’t regret it after you do it.  Keeping organized makes life easier. Label your bins and only put those items in. Shelves and baskets were added for organization and easy access. You can use a blackboard with chalk ink like these, tags with ribbon or stickers. 


Final project AFTER 4 days!!


5. Don’t Over Clutter, Keep It Simple + Clean

Organizing the same space more than once is frustrating.  This frustration is completely preventable by keeping things simple and uncluttered.  Using labels, baskets, shelves when organizing keeps things in order.  It helps you find what you need quickly.  



Thanks for stopping by to check out my latest declutter + remodel project.


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Wishing You much health, happiness, and an inspired home!



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