5 Tips to Set Up Your Functional Home Office

5 Tips to Set Up Your Functional Home Office

I moved on to my next remodel project this spring, after decluttering and setting up Jackson’s new bedroom and closet. It was time to create a designated space for my husband, Tim to have a home office and feel more organized. Our breezeway separates our kitchen and garage. It has four doorways, 2 sets of windows, and built-in shelving units. Not giving me much wall space or an easy layout to function and the challenge of the workflow. 


However, I was determined to make this space ideal for Tim’s home office needs. First, it is always best to remove everything and consider the walls, trim, lighting, and flooring.  Rocky, our lab-doodle was not much help, as I touched up all the walls, trim, and shelving, giving it a fresh and clean slate.


BEFORE as a catch-all breezeway        DURING redesign with Rocky helping!?


Tim needs to work from home occasionally that offers many benefits, including the flexibility of setting his schedule, saving time and money by eliminating the commute back and forth to the gym, and staying organized with work and home office tasks.


We first added a new file cabinet, desk, and swivel chair to start. Then came the organizers, plants, floor lamp, and curtains. I wanted to carry a rustic feel with repurposed wood and iron that kept the office feeling comfortable, rough, and masculine for him.


Ready to set up your home office? You’ll want to determine an ideal space that can separate your business from your personal life whether you’re self-employed or remote working.  I’ve put together some key tips for redesigning your all-important home office. Take a look and let’s get started!



Plan for all the things that you’ll need to work comfortably and efficiently in your home office. Start with appropriate temperature control and lighting. We added a wall heater unit to insure a warmer space in the winter months. The desk chair is a swivel and fortunately, the flooring is tile, a hard surface to move easier in and out. Select window coverings that will allow you to control the light if you have a window nearby. If no windows then make sure to have good lighting sources for your area.



If your space is limited like ours, we needed to get creative. Our breezeway is large and became a great part-time office space. If you are spending a lot of time in your home office, you might use a space that is rarely used, such as a dining area or spare bedroom.


Almost done with Remodel of Home Office



Natural light is essential for reducing eye strain when you’re staring at a computer all day and can help improve your mood and keep your energy up. We were fortunate to have a double window that faces our backyard with a few. Our home office uses the window as the focal point and then builds out from there, keeping the rest of the space nice and basic so that the eyes are naturally drawn outside. If no window, add mirrors and ample lighting for better ease to work in.



Probably the most important piece of furniture you’ll have will be your desk or work surface. If your space is limited, measure & draw out a floor plan on graph paper to find a workable space. Whether you select a custom-designed desk or use a simple table & file cabinets under it, it should be large enough and the right height to comfortably do your work.


The right desk chair is key and needs to be comfortable at the right, the right height, and provides proper back and arm support for the type of work you will be doing. You could install a slide-out keyboard holder so that your computer keyboard is the right height for easy and comfortable use. Planning will help you work more comfortably, efficiently and yourself at the home office.



Designated Bench with Shoe Rack, Coat Racks



If your space is small or chopped up, doesn’t mean that it has to be short on storage. We had built-ins that are ideal for multiple storage containers that are useful for staying organized and keeping items off the desk, including out built-ins, baskets, file folders, and under-the-desk file cabinets. Since the room is also our entryway, we added hanging for coats and a repurposed wooded bench for putting on shoes and boots. With everything in its place, you get less clutter around you—and more able to focus on your to-do list.



AFTER Breezeway to Home Office


Thanks for stopping by to check out my latest declutter + remodel project.


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Wishing You much health, happiness, and an inspired home!



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