3 Ways to Stay Motivated (even when you’re not)

3 Ways to Stay Motivated (even when you’re not)

I’ve been in the fitness industry for the majority of my life in some capacity or another. I’ve watched my own health evolve over the years and I’ve seen it happen in countless other’s lives as well.


Over and over, I see a common theme. We get tripped up on looking for the right diet, the perfect amount of cardio, the answer to the question “are carbs bad?” or whatever other quick fix to our problems there is; but we fail to look at one of the biggest factors in determining our capacity to be successful in integrating a long term, healthy lifestyle.




How do we stay motivated to do the things that keep us happy and healthy when we don’t want to do them, when they’re hard, or when we just plain don’t care?


Here are 3 ways to stay motivated (even when you’re not).


  1. Know your why.


First and foremost, it’s always been important for me to connect to the reason why I want to be committed and dedicated to this lifestyle in the first place. And for me, that has a lot to do with my health and how I want to treat my body.


Just think, by working out a minimum of 3 times a week you get these major health benefits:


– Jump start your metabolism and have more energy


– Improve your sleep and your mood


– Strengthen your memory and boost your creativity & confidence


– Reduce your risk of cancer


– Show up in your life as a better partner, worker, boss… you name it!


It’s evident, by just these few simple facts alone, that a life lived without movement is far less vibrant and enjoyable than the one lived with it.


Write your “why” down somewhere, find a picture that embodies it and use it as the screensaver on your phone or tell your spouse so that when you make excuses they are there to remind you why you began in the first place.


By connecting to the reason that moves you to want to create this new habit, you’ll be able to tap into this emotional reserve on days where you just don’t feel like doing it.


  1. Set yourself up for success.


If you’re trying to wake up early to go to the gym, it won’t serve you very well to stay up late the night before binge watching The Bachelorette. By creating a routine and eliminating roadblocks to success, my clients find that they’re much more likely to stick to their guns when they plan their workouts for the week.


It could be as simple as moving your alarm clock across the room so you HAVE to get out of bed, promising your best girlfriend that you’ll meet her for a morning run or telling your trainer you’ll be at the gym after work. You know your  habits and excuses, so setting things in place that move you toward your goals will help limit those excuses in moments when you least want to show up.


  1. Just do it.



This is a big one.  The truth is; motivation comes and goes. There will be days, maybe even weeks, where you will find yourself struggling to stick to your goals. Do it anyway; even when you don’t want to.


Just choosing to get out of bed and lacing up your shoes is enough to start to stir up the inspiration you were lacking. Just driving to the gym when all you want to do is drive home will begin to get you in the frame of mind to kick butt in that workout. There is an old saying that goes, “Move a muscle, change a thought”, meaning, if you simply take the action- the motivation will follow.


Set your health goals and figure out what it is that motivates you to achieve them. Then, use these tips and any of your own to start walking towards your best self…today.


And if you’re looking for a tribe of women who are there to motivate you along the way, join  the Healthy Heroine Tribe, and instantly find  yourself part of a community of women on the same path as you. Can you do it alone? Sure. But we are far better together.


I can’t wait to hear what tips you used and how they helped you! Jump on over to the Facebook Group and start sharing today!

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